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Our History

The charming country church was established by Tennessee settlers, the Thomas Bay family. In 1851, the initial log church, serving as both a church and a school, was constructed on a plot of land across the road, kindly donated by A.F. Bay. The existing building, situated on land contributed by W. H. Bay, was consecrated in 1899. As you observe the church's ceiling and walls, you'll notice handprints left by the builders. Additionally, near the side door, there is a small footprint of a young child who likely lent a hand during the construction process.

The Famous Handprints

Wall Footprint by Door 2.jpg

Pictures From The Past

Church history_edited.jpg

Irving, Jess, Luther, and Gene Hoke were bothers who helped in building Bays Chapel

Church History 2_edited.jpg

Roy Hoke, Luther Hoke and Luke Hoke singing at the homecoming in the 1980's.

Our Chapel in the Press


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